About us

Gosh Life recently launched in India and is raising the bar in the skincare industry. It’s already topping the charts amongst skincare enthusiasts. Our motto is “Skincare is healthcare”.

We have researched for years on anti-ageing ingredients and natural skin rejuvenation. We continuously strive to perfect our product. Thus it’s essential to run rigorous tests before the launch. Collaborating with many renowned professionals helps us maintain top-notch quality. We invest a lot of resources and time while concocting the active elements to make them safe and suitable for all skin types. Part of our process involves using a high percentage of actives at skin-friendly pH levels, and we have ensured that all of these components are recognized by the skin and easily absorbed as well. They effectively work in synergy to rebalance and perfect your complexion no matter what your skin type, age or ethnicity.

What’s more, our serum has been customized for Indian skin types.

Our specialists recommend using GoshC exclusively to achieve the best results.

We’d love for you to try and test it yourself and see the glow to believe it. We’re sure that your skin will not only emerge supple but also glow from within. No makeup can replace naturally glowing skin, right?

For that confident first interview or a first date, go try your skin’ BFF! Time to get that ‘Glow’ ladies!

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