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  • Zoya Khan


    Lovely product. Early days but goes well under make up & definitely helps overnight....

  • Manchan


    I have been using this for some months now. Due to rhinitis I often have a small sac under my eyes when I wake up. This product sorts it.

  • Aradhita Pandey


    I bought this about one month ago and was delighted I did. The metal ball at the end of the tube delivers the serum easily to my eyes. I loved it so much I bought one for my husband.

  • Tunu Pathak


    Having just had a baby and lacking alot of sleep my eyes definitely need a boost. I started using this at night time and kept thinking my eyes were so alert and fresh and thought why am I not using this in the mornings too! It really does brighten those bags ( in a good way) it leaves the skin feeling amazing and soft. Recommend!

  • Madhvi


    My eyes get puffy in the morning when I wake up and I hope this will help reduce that puffiness. So far it seems to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Sometimes I get puffy or dark under eyes which seems to be gone. The bottle looks very nice on the outside. It’s made of glass and the top is made of plastic. I would recommend as a gift or something for yourself! I’ll continue using the product and post an update after a while.

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