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  • Mukesh Jha


    After using this serum for months, I can assure you it is the best hair serum for thin hair. My hair is oily and because of pollution and hair fall it got thinner. After using a lot of products for smooth and thick hair, my hair fall increased because of chemicals. Then I came across GoshLife PowerTresses hair serum and after using it for a month or two the results were amazing. It is not sticky at all and my hair thickness was restored.

  • Aadhya Choubey


    I was very worried about my constant heavy hair fall and dry scalp. I tried so many hair serums but nothing helped much. Then I came across this best hair serum for damaged hair which is suitable for all hair types. After applying this serum for 4 to 5 weeks I noticed smooth, silky, and long hair. Also, it keeps my scalp moisturized and prevents split ends.

  • Eshana Pathak


    I would highly recommend GoshLife PowerTresses hair serum for all who want smooth and shiny hair. This is the best serum for hair straightening I have ever tried. I am suggesting this with my personal experience. My hair was wavy with so many split ends and rough to touch. But after applying this serum for a month I noticed a huge difference as my hair got straightened, smooth and free from split ends.

  • Navninder Singh


    Finding a suitable hair care product is quite difficult. Since there are a lot of options available in the market. But, for me, it was really a nightmare as I have used several products. And, nothing worked for me. While I was scrolling through Instagram, I came to know about the Goshlife Powertresses hair serum. So, I searched about the serum. And, I found that the ingredients were great and natural. I ordered one for myself. The product is very nice and it is the best hair serum for hair growth. I witnessed evident results in just a few weeks. Highly suggested!

  • Ishani choudhary


    I am a homemaker and don’t get time to maintain my hair. So, I was looking for a product that is easy to put on and effective. One of my friends told me about the Goshlife Powertresses hair serum. And, it is exactly what I wanted. So, just 3-4 pumps of this product are enough to do wonders to the hair. This serum really improved my overall hair health. Plus, it is the best hair serum for dry hair in India with a price in contrast with other serums. It is priced at just INR 799 which is fair for this incredible product. I am very pleased to use this hair serum.

  • Mihika singh


    Having dull and damaged hair is the worst thing a woman suffers from. I am a working woman and have to travel a lot. So, the pollution and dust affected my hair to a great extent. Eventually, I started facing many hair problems. Such as frizzy, dull, dryness, and damaged hair. Suddenly, I got to know about the Goshlife Powertresses hair serum. This hair serum is really amazing. Also, it is the best hair serum for women in India. So, this serum helped me get back the shine and volume of my hair. It is very easy and quick to apply and you are good to go. Highly advisable!

  • Ridhi Mishra


    Well, I have been trying all sorts of hair products for one or two years. But, I was not able to find an effective solution to my hair problems. Since it was very frustrating to have hair fall and thinning issues. Besides, some products made my hair even worse. But, then I came across the Goshlife Powertresses hair serum. Let me tell you, this serum really works! It is one of the best serums for hair growth and thickness. Also, this serum contains biotin that stimulates hair growth. Plus, it restores and makes the hair strong and thick. This serum has the goodness of many natural ingredients like amla and hibiscus extracts, gotukula, etc. I saw visible results in just 5-6 overnight use. Would recommend it to others and will purchase it again.

  • Shravya


    I was looking for a hair serum that can help in my hair growth. Also, I used a few high-end products. But, nothing worked for my hair. I was really worried about my damaged hair. Suddenly, a friend of mine suggested the Goshlife Powertresses hair serum. She was using this serum for a few months. So, I ordered one for myself as well. And, after using this product for around 2 weeks, I can see a major difference in my hair. This serum contains natural ingredients and is paraben and SLS free. Also, the presence of biotin and amla extracts helps in boosting hair growth. Hence, it is the best hair growth serum in India that has shown wonderful results for my hair. Strongly suggested!

  • Rabhya


    I have frizzy and curly hair. Also, I tried many hair products and serums available in the market. But, nothing worked well. Then, I came to know about the Goshlife power tresses hair serum. It is the best hair serum for frizzy hair in India. And, it really helped to keep my hair tangle and frizz-free. This serum is so good that I can notice a visible difference within a week. Plus, it makes my hair smooth and silky. It requires just a little amount i.e. 3-4 pumps of the serum per application. Besides, this hair serum is worth the money and each bottle last for 4-5 months. It is a nice serum with a blend of amazing elements helpful for treating frizzy hair. I am very happy and satisfied using this hair serum. Highly recommended!

  • Kalki


    The Goshlife Powertresses hair serum is the best serum for hair in India. Also, after using it for the first time it has now become my all-time favourite product. Previously, I tried various hair serums. But, the results were not satisfying. I was suffering from bad hair and hair fall issues for a long time. And, I was finding a suitable product that can treat my hair problems. Then, I came to know about this amazing hair serum. I was able to see the results after using it for just 7-10 days. It contains biotin, Gotu kola, hibiscus and amla extracts, etc that promotes healthy hair. Also, this serum nourishes my hair well and makes it stronger. So, it is the best hair serum compared to other expensive serums in the market.

  • Neha


    Worth its price. Make hair soft and silky and last more than 2 days.

  • Kanika


    And it leaves them with a very pleasant fragrance ????

  • Madhura gangulyNiharika


    It actually provides a very shiny effect while protecting your hair.

  • Tanya arora


    I've used this serum on my normal hair and chemically straightened hair, as well as seen results on colored hair.

  • S. L.


    Minimal effort required to tame frizzy hair with this serum. Hair has nice shiny smooth look and soft to touch. Pleasant scent. Has same good effect on damp hair as well as completely dried hair.

  • Priya Hazra


    Best serum ....smell is toooo good...I realy liked a lott...just take a small quatity f serum and aply al over the hair. it realy protect the hair from damage.

  • Priyanka Juneja


    product is awesome and available at very reasonable price in comparison to other serums and even better than those.

  • Kapil Ahuja


    The biotin in this has helped my hair from being dry n frizzy.. love the minimal scent it has and the shine it gvs to my hair.. totally happy with this one.

  • Pooja Iyer


    How smooth and straight my hair was, all my friends were telling me it smells so nice. Excellent buy.

  • Kajal M


    Effective on frizzy hair

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